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$18.95   $29.95

  • Helps You Fall Asleep
  • Promotes Mood & Relaxation
  • Supports Deeper Sleep
  • Improves Sleep Cycle

Formulated by a neurologist using clinically proven ingredients; it will help balance your body’s hormones and support stress and anxiety relief, which will help your body and mind to relax faster. It’s vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, stearate-free and non-GMO, but also tested and proven for their potency and safety.

  • FALL ASLEEP FASTER, SLEEP BETTER, WAKE UP RE-ENERGIZED! Formulated by a neurologist using clinically proven natural ingredients. Safe, gentle and effective!
  • BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY & PERFORMANCE with the Sleep Fairy sleeping aid, which will help promote deep relaxation and calmness. Release all the tension of a hard day at work faster and combat the symptoms of insomnia naturally with our magnesium, valerian root, chamomile, L-theanine, 5-HTP and melatonin sleep capsules!
  • START FEELING CALMER, MORE RELAXED & SOOTHED with our sleep aids for women, which will help balance your hormones and combat stress or anxiety. As a result, you will see an immediate difference in your overall mood, since you will be able to relax faster and feel soothed.
  • UNLIKE OTHER LOW-QUALITY SLEEPING AIDS that contain toxic ingredients, the Sleep Fairy sleep supplement for adults uses ONLY natural herbal ingredients, such as chamomile, valerian root, and magnolia bark extract. Plus, our formula is 100% non-GMO, stearate-free and vegan too!
  • ENJOY SOOTHING & REJUVENATING NIGHTS OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK! That’s right! You can try our natural sleep aid and if you are not 100% thrilled, we promise to offer you a full refund. No questions asked! What are you waiting for?


For best results, take 2 capsules with water 30 minutes before bedtime, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

For relief of occasional sleeplessness only. Do not exceed the recommended dose. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, or individuals taking any prescription medication including anti-depressants. Avoid driving or performing other potentially dangerous tasks while taking this formula. If you have questions about the advisability of taking this product, consult a physician prior to use.

MAGNESIUM BISGLYCINATE by TRAACS®    is a patented and proven magnesium that not only helps you fall asleep, but it helps you enjoy deeper, more restful sleep as well.

VALERIAN ROOT   is an herb prized for its stress-relieving, anti-anxiety properties. It promotes gentle relief from insomnia, nervousness, and headaches while helping you fall asleep faster.

L-THEANINE   is a compound found in green tea, has a calming effect on the brain.

GABA    is a mood-balancing neurotransmitter naturally produced in the brain used to help calm and relax the mind.

5-HTP   is an amino acid that has effects on both sleep and mood, as well as other body functions that impact our health and our ability to feel good during the day and sleep restfully at night.

CHAMOMILE   is a herb that calms the nerves, promoting general relaxation, relieving stress and controlling insomnia.

MAGNOLIA BARK   is a herb used for the treatment of depression and insomnia.

MELATONIN   is a hormone your body produces naturally, which signals your brain that it’s time to sleep.

ORGANIC RICE BRAN   is one of the richest sources of magnesium available with its use capable of combating stress from insomnia.

Is this all natural and drug-free?

Yes, all our supplements are natural and drug-free.

Is this animal and preservative free?

Yes, this product is vegan and preservative free.

Are the ingredients gluten-free?

Yes, all our products are gluten-free.

“…I’m thrilled with this product and am so happy to have found it.”

– Miley M.


“Great product. I have frequent insomnia and get only 4-5 hours of sleep. Tried many things and I really did not want to go to a prescription. As a RN I know some of the bad side effects from prescription sleep aids. Saw this and the reviews. Just bought my second bottle. Love it. Have been using it for 2 months. Nice to fall asleep and deep throughout night then wake and not feel groggy all morning.
Update…could not get this last month. Had to try something else. So thankful this is available again. Only thing that let’s me sleep all night”


“I have always had a problem falling asleep and with a baby that wakes up every 4 hours it would make it even more difficult. I can finally fall asleep within 30 minutes of laying in bed and even after waking up in the middle of the night to feed my daughter I can go back to bed and fall asleep easy. It’s not hard to get up in the middle of the nights or in the morning after taking these and I feel way more refreshed and awake through out the day. This is exactly what I needed!”


“I have trouble falling asleep and sleeping deeply, I do use 5HTP and some times melatonin – so I thought I would give this product a try. It’s great!! I felt a little drowsy which helped me go to sleep and I slept nice and deeply thru the night. Glad I found this !!!”

— CINDY HOPE ★★★★★

“This product is fantastic and definitely worth it! I have mild ADD, which causes anxiety and insomnia for me unfortunately. I have had bad sleep issues for the past few years now and I finally found something that works! I take two a night and they knock me out, I sleep deeply for once, waking up refreshed! I almost forgot what that felt like! I got a slight headache from it the first time taking it, I must be sensitive to Valerian. But my body adjusted quickly to it after a while. An excellent product and I highly recommend for any fellow night own/insomniac!”


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